DataSmart is an equity company, founded in 2003, which positions itself as a technology services provider of excellence for the business market.

It started its activity with projects targeted for Unix system administration and implementation of advanced alarm solutions.
From the beginning, DataSmart acquired and developed skills in the printing area, creating the “Printing Solutions” business area in its first year of activity, aiming to respond to its customer’s needs. In this context the company created a range of quality printing solutions to ensure a proper use and optimization of IT assets.

The excellence of the services provided allowed the company, throughout its first years of activity, to initiate several projects in the Administration of Unix systems, Microsoft systems management, administration, management, implementation and database platforms administration (Oracle and SQL Srv) for clients in several areas of activity such as banking, telecommunications and public organizations.

With only four years of activity, DataSmart has also positioned itself as a provider of Training Services. The applied strategy and the investment in skills development allowed DataSmart to enter straight to the TOP 15 of the HP/EMEA best Training Providers ‘ranking’.

Over the last decade, DataSmart maintained a constant concern and commitment to follow closely its employees, its customers and its suppliers. Strategic partnerships were established from the evidence of know-how and maturity of the services that DataSmart provides within its sector. Skills and certification processes were developed. In short, conditions were planned and created so that DataSmart offers its customers, services of excellence in the main technological aspects, from operations and system management, databases and applications, to planning and strategic consulting, by applying and integrating the main information technologies at the service of business organizations.