DataSmart has been implementing sustainable measures to protect the environment and reduce waste in the workplace.

Among the good practices adopted, we highlight the significant reduction in the use of paper, valuing the digital format.

For instance, in the recruitment and selection department, the digital support is privileged. Resume or interview sheets are no longer printed.

“We are helping the environment, saving costs in the department store and saving physical file space”, suggests Laura Bonito, head of Human Resources – Recruitment and Selection at DataSmart.

The rational and efficient use of energy and resources bring long-term benefits and reflect the growing space that environmental concerns have on the DataSmart organizational culture.

In addition, sustainable good practices open the way to put on an environmental quality certificate.

Impact of excessive use of paper

According to Forrester Research, one billion copies are made every day, all over the world. Although paper is important and necessary, the fibers that make it up are a finite resource.

It is possible to combat waste through simple gestures, not only in the context of work, but also in the domestic context:

– Use, whenever possible, the two sides of a sheet for printing or taking notes;

– Choose, whenever possible, recycled paper. Each ton of this type of paper avoids the cutting of 15 to 20 trees, saves 400 m3 of water and 500 kWh of electricity; (Source: REN)

– Give preference to the computer support to send and analyze documents.